First and foremost …

It is necessary that I grace the first entry of this blog with a serious public announcement:


With that out of the way, I will now pummel you with personal information! I have an unhealthy addiction to healthy food in the best way possible. I spend a lot of time stuffing my loved ones (myself included) with delicious vegan food. While I’m down with veganism in a serious way, I have to admit that I occasionally imbibe in some not-so-vegan items. Eep! I am not a saint! Nor am I the church lady. Nor am I Dana Carvey. This is fun, so let’s continue with a list of things I am not:

+a fan of joint pain

+someone who likes romance novels

+the man from the oxy-clean infomercial

I am, however: a decent dancer, a twenty-two year old female, a california resident, a dog owner, a bike rider, a new blogger, and a terrible tennis partner.

My most secret wish is to someday run a vegan bakery, so this is my E-ode to baking, cooking, and eating. Ta-dah!

3 responses to “First and foremost …

  1. i is veguturiunz too. am i the first poster?? go me.


  2. welcome to the blogoshere. I’m so diggin your blog. saw your food porn on the ppk and just popped by to say hi.

    i, lazy vegan that i am, have yet to actually take part over at the ppk. i just lurk and enjoy 😉

  3. I agree–the Oxy-Clean guy has to be removed from broadcast.

    and i are teh veegun, but still luvs i can has cheezeburger!

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