Joshy Cakes

I made this cake last week for a friend’s birthday. This time I was actually requested to bring a vegan dessert, so I jumped all over the opportunity to bake. I had leftover ganache and almond mocha mousse from my previous cupcakes so this became an almond mocha cake covered in chocolate ganache – topped with vegan cocoa truffles and marzipan letters. Say that five times fast. dsc03082.jpg

Unfortunately, I didn’t get an inside shot because the party was beautifully candle-lit and my phone’s camera couldn’t quite capture the intense deliciousness of this cake (yeah, intense deliciousness). I made it a two-layer cake by baking the VCTOTW Basic Vanilla Cupcake recipe in an 8×8 pan and cutting it in half after in cooled. Between the layers is the almond mocha mousse, which is also covering the entire cake underneath the ganache. It was so rich! People were asking me all night if I was a professional baker, and lemme tell ya – flattery gets you everywhere as far my baking is concerned! I’ve even been asked for a price quote to make cupcakes for a couple parties. I have no idea how much to charge! What would you all say I should charge for each cupcake? For 100?

Here’s a little preview of what’s to come in my next few entries:

Bounty from Mitsuwa – the Asian Market in Little Tokyo

… and from the Hollywood Farmers Market.

7 responses to “Joshy Cakes

  1. wow, that’s AWESOME that your cake went over so well! No idea how much you should charge, but that’s really exciting that people are asking!

  2. grocery posts are great – especially asian market trips – nice haul!

  3. I looked at your Asian market bounty with excitement. I live less than a mile away from a huge Asian market and I’ve been too intimidated to go in, no matter how badly I want to. That’s all about to change, though, because I’m going to the Spork Foods Southeast Asian class over Easter weekend and I’m going to learn to rock the Asian market!

  4. coulditbeseitan

    Vegyogini – that’s exciting! I wanted to take my boyfriend to their Valentines class but it didn’t work out. Have fun!!

  5. Oh my goodness, ALL THE TIME people think I am 16… or 14… or a few years ago one man even thought I was 11! LOL I do not look 11, but I don’t look 21 either. I guess we’ll appreciate it when we’re 50.

    I love going into a liquor store or buying alcohol at a grocery store… people give me such funny stares!

    I hope you’re not getting this comment like 5000 times… it isn’t seeming to let me post it :o/.

  6. That cake looks delicious – and there’s no such thing as faint praise in my book either, when it comes to my baking!

  7. I love the titles of your posts. They make me laugh everytime I read them. Especially the Italian Stallion and Purple Rain Cupcakes one.


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