New York New Spork

The five most frightening women in New York City

The five most frightening women in New York

As of yesterday at 6:30 pm, I am in New York. I found out Wednesday afternoon that I had to fly out immediately and since I got here it has been a whirlwind of workworkwork. It’s great! I am so exhausted! I can’t feel my face! I haven’t slept in 48 hours because my first flight Wednesday night got cancelled after I sat in the airport (and on the plane) for 6 hours. I took another flight out at 10 AM Thursday, but jet lag and excitement have prevented me from the zzzz’s. In any case – I’m living out of a hotel and a suitcase for a month.

All I gots is a microwave. Mmm. Want to see what I can nuke? Didn’t think so. So for the month of May, this here blog will officially be all about reviewing restaurants in the city. I haven’t been able to eat out yet but damn did I have a good soy latte from Cafe Grumpy! No pictures yet – I’ve been working non-stop for the past 24 hours. Finally, I’m about to fall asleep and drown soak in a hot lavender filled bathtub. Tomorrow morning holds a run to Whole Foods and whoooo knows what else. Mystery! Intrigue!

3 responses to “New York New Spork

  1. Have fun eating out in New York!

  2. !! Sounds like a great way to spend the blog while kitchen-less! Cafe Grumpy? Sounds perfect for me, I hate mornings… and afternoons when the sun’s at migraine time, and evenings when I’m all hungry and I’m out and haven’t had a snack. I forgot where this comment was going… but you should definitely try one blog where you try to make something interesting in the microwave. Worst that could happen is it’ll be hilarious. Can’t wait to hear about restaurants.

  3. nice to hear about the soy latte – Cafe Grumpy is at the top of my boyfriend & my coffee list for our upcoming visit..

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