The City Stole My Blog

Sorry to all for the abrupt halt in my blogging – this job and this city take up a lot more time than I expected! I haven’t had my camera on me to take pictures of meals at restaurants out of vanity’s sake. I feel like lugging around my huge camera will be quickly followed by large maps, shorts with socks and sneakers, and a nice hot pink fanny pack. I have, however, been making my rounds on the vegan spectrum of New York City. I’ve been to Sacred Chow, Gobo, and Caravan of Dreams. Also, the Whole Foods near me has a (really really exciting) shelf of vegan desserts that change every day. Please behold my favorite breakfast since I’ve been in the city – Sweet & Sara Peanut Butter Smore.

Nothing like some real power fuel for a run through Central Park.  It was wonderful!!  As a kid, I was really gross and would make s’mores in the microwave.  That’s right.  So I clearly have some kind of addiction to the chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker combination.  Add peanut butter into the mix and you have me, face down on the floor, in a foodjoy coma.  Sweet & Sara slammed me down on first bite.  The chocolate coating was thick and had a great bite to it.  The graham cracker was pretty crumbly, but the gooey marshmallow held on to all the crumbs.  If anything, I would ask for more (moremoremore!) peanut butter, but the thin layer inside added a decadence to the whole shebang.  Sure, it was a pricey endeavor (almost 5 dolla bills y’all), but it was worth every swoon bite.

8 responses to “The City Stole My Blog

  1. You’re so lucky! such a yummy breakfast! I regret so much being in NY and not going to WF… I wish I had known better!

  2. Dude, that’s gross. No s’mores for breakfast. But I’m with you on the microwave marshmallows – it was a different delicacy than the roasted over the fire kind – got kind of chewy and crunchy. Oh, and for when you’re back in L.A. if you need that vile breakfast fix, I think Jax carries them.

  3. vegan food galore? Running in Central Park? You’re killing me! Sounds heavenly.

  4. heehee. i’m really excited for you that you found that dessert/breakfast.
    i’m going to be in NYC this weekend w/ zorina, and i think i will have to find some of those vegan restaurants. The names just sound like it tastes good! Hope all is well.

  5. WANT
    Mmm I need one of those right now.

  6. god, i love a good foodjoy coma…. 😉

  7. madcapCupcake

    My goodness that looks so TASTY!!!…I love NY 🙂

  8. coulditbeseitan

    Haha Trina, you really are ‘my vegan mom!’

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