Another Saturday Night…

I’m blogging on a Saturday night and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.  I finished work at 4:30 this morning (that’s AM).  I’m just happy to be sitting on this couch – eating chocolate, drinking wine, watching Pyscho Beach Party, filling out memes.  I was tagged by EatAVegan!

1. Four Places I Go Over and Over

* My Qi Gong massage place on Bowery.  I’m not telling anyone where it is because as it stands I never need an appointment 😉  The ladies at this place beat me up and make all my back pain disappear.  Yeah, they might answer the phone in the midst of digging into my shoulder, but no one else can make it hurt so good.  That sounds gross.

* Our special island off the coast of Georgia.  My family has been going there every summer for over fifty years and I hope we’re still going there fifty years from now.

* Yoga class at my gym.

* Whole Foods.  I need to stop spending my entire paycheck on chocolate.  Maybe.

2. Four People Who E-mail Me Regularly

* My mom

* My manager

* Michelle Obama.  She’s my BFFles.

* My dad

3. Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now (Honestly, nowhere.  Did you read what I’m doing right now? Okay, I’ll play along)

* Sitting in the audience at SNL

* In a cabin in the Catskills with some just-made apple cider, a roaring fire, a good book, and my precious sweetie friends

* On the inside of a chocolate blackout cake, eating my way out

* Kentucky – Christmas time with my family (soon!)

4. Four of My Favorite Places to Eat

* Angelica Kitchen – Just ate there yesterday.  Mmm.  Thai Mee Up.

* Pure Luck – Dude.  Duuuude.  Have you had their sweet potato fries?  Have you HAD them though?

* Alfalfa – I HATED this place when I was a kid.  I thought ‘health food’ was gross and longed for McDonald’s.  Now that I’ve come to my senses I realize what an awesome restaurant it is.  Try the grits.

* Souen – Whenever I feel like I need something healthy and clean and wonderful – this is it.  I feel like you get five years added onto your life just walking in there.

5. Four TV Shows I Watch Over and Over

* Twin Peaks

* Freaks and Geeks

* Top Chef

* Ace of Cakes

6. Four People I’m Tagging!

* Veggie Girl

* To Live and Eat in LA

* Have Cake Will Travel

* Vegan Crunk


6 responses to “Another Saturday Night…

  1. Hooray, tagging is fun.
    And Top Chef is the best show ever.

  2. I envy your Pure Luck-going abilities!

  3. Your Saturday night sounds perfect. Bet you can guess which part I like the most (hint, it’s not the wine!).

  4. it’s okay. i live at whole foods, too. i think i might start camping out there at night… or just set a bed up in the nuts aisle

  5. Aww that’s cute! I am stealing =P

  6. I love Psycho Beach Party

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