Forgive the cell phone photographs, but I have to review Teany.  There are prettier pictures on their website.  It’s my favorite go-to spot for a rainy day and we’ve been having quite a few of those recently.  On my last trip, I tried their vegan quiche:


It came with a really good vodka sauce on the side and a green salad that I had with their tahini dressing.  The quiche was WONDERFUL.  It had a very soft crust and a nice quichey(quiche-esque? quiche-ish? the word ‘quiche’ looks like it’s not real now that I’ve typed it so many times) texture and the flavor was perfect.  The sauce on the side was also really good – some nice mushrooms hanging out in there.  I sat around working and grazing for about an hour before I started wondering if it was time for dessert. It’s always time for dessert.  I ordered the Chocolate Macaroon Cake:


Ridiculously good.  This shouldn’t be allowed to exist.  It was chocolate cake with chocolate coconut buttercream.  Enough said.  I am in love with Teany and its preciousness.  I didn’t have any tea this time (coffee addiction is too strong) but the Green Cherry Blossom tea is beautiful. Of course there’s the whole Moby connection – which is very cool.  Check out his blog! Go eat their Chicken Salad Salad!

5 responses to “Teany

  1. I’m a big fan of Teany. I love their food and their teas. Maybe the tables are a little too close to each other, but the space is so wonderful that it’s not so bad. I usually eat there at least once when I’m in NY, but I missed it last time so I could try Counter’s brunch. There’s always next time…oh, and I do have the cookbook, too!

  2. I’ve never been to teany… but I loooove Moby!

  3. that cake is to die for. whenever i go out, i usually make a meal out of dessert. i’d probably order 2 of those haha

  4. i went to teany about a year ago and the service was horrendous! it was so bad and took so long in fact, that they gave us one meal for free. LOL. i guess that made up for it.

    i also got the quiche and loved it. i will be back some day. you are making me wish i was in NYC!

  5. I love teany! Their desserts and chai tea are perfection. I’ll have to try their quiche soon.

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