Spring Awakening


That’s right kids, it’s time to start eating flowers again.  This salad was simple and awesome – spinach, 3 kinds of beans, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and nasturtiums picked from the garden!  It’s so refreshing to sit outside at dinner with the sun still up.  My garden is getting bigger and bigger – I feel like I’m watching some preschoolers start to read.  I’m a little overzealous about it – when my soybeans started sprouting I jumped up and down and ran a few victory laps.  The zucchini plants are getting huge and my tomatoes, basil, and onions are starting to peek their little heads out of the ground.  Soon I’ll put up some pictures of my little plant babies, but for now this electric neon salad will have to do.  Here’s a list of edible flowers – get to it!


5 responses to “Spring Awakening

  1. Mmm that salad looks gorgeous! Can’t wait for garden-fresh foods this summer — there’s just something about watching a vegetable’s whole life play out that makes you feel so good when you eat it — good luck with yours!

  2. Oh, wow, those flowers are such a striking shade of orange.. this must’ve been a very exciting salad to eat!

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous! What a tempting plate…mmmm

  4. Thanks for the link to the ediable flowers – I was looking for such a list!

  5. that looks so delicious!

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