Vegan Coachella: Day 1

Oh, hey Paul McCartney.  From where I was standing, I could not see anything but the backs of those in front of me.  However, holding my camera above my head and zooming in allowed me to have a private face-to-face performance every time.  Thanks to Carl Zeiss for that sweet zoom lens.  Note to self: Bring stilts next year.

SO.  Day 1 of Coachella was pretty tremendous on the music and vegan food front.   Leonard Cohen, Beirut, Morrissey, and Paul McCartney killed it.  This incident was marvelous.  But let’s backtrack.  Before getting to the actual music venue, the boyfriend and I stopped at Native Foods in Palm Springs.  I had never been there, but heard so many marvelous things that it became a necessary destination.


I ordered the Royal Thai Tofu Salad, which was beautifully presented and refreshing, but not really something I would order again.  There was simply too much cabbage and not enough tofu.  I left still feeling a little hungry, but I suppose that’s what one should expect when one dines on salad alone.  On the other hand, my boyfriend ordered the Baja Surf Tacos which were INCREDIBLE!


Mock fried fish(seitan? tempeh? don’t rememer?), cabbage, tomatoes, some kind of tartar sauce, and guacamole on top of soft tacos.  So filling and wonderful!  I want to try to replicate this one soon.  We went back to the restaurant on Monday and ordered these again!

We met the owner/chef Tanya, who was really friendly!  She got really excited that I was blogging her restaurant when she caught me taking pictures.  We tried to convince her to open a Native Foods closer to where we live – specifically Silverlake because the neighborhood is fostering a lot of great vegan places that are thriving (most of which don’t even come close to rivalling NF!). Please please please do it!


I had really good Iced Chai for dessert before we hopped on our bikes to head into the festival.  We had dinner at an Asian place in one of the food areas inside Coachella, but I failed to document it due to my ravenous beastly hunger.

To be continued…

8 responses to “Vegan Coachella: Day 1

  1. wasn’t paul the BEST?!?! i could only see the people in front of me as well. i had to keep jumping up in hopes of getting a view of the stage.

    i love that native foods. so much better than the one in westwood!

  2. Heya! It was so great to meet you today! :0) My mum thought you were just ADORABLE.

    I <333333 Native Foods

  3. i met tanya at the aliso viejo native foods when i was there 5 weeks ago!we talked for like 35 minutes-she’s super fiendly.
    i used to wish that they’d open a native closer to me…and then they opened in right next door to my house and school…4 years after i move to a different country.sigh.

  4. I always try to hit Native Foods in Palm Springs for lunch on Monday after Coachella. The other days are usually too hectic.

    But when you say, “we hopped on our bikes,” you mean you biked 20 miles from Palm Springs to Indio? In 90 or 100+ degree weather? And then back at the end of the night? That sounds pretty hard core. I try to dance hard enough all day so that I can barely walk back across the parking lot at night.

    • coulditbeseitan

      Ah, you caught me. We actually drove most of the way to Coachella, parked in a residential area and biked 3 miles to the venue. We could have been reeeeally hardcore, but I had never been to Coachella before and I wasn’t sure how tired I would get. Really really happy we didn’t bike the whole thing!

  5. I just had my first Native Foods experience ever at the Palm Springs location and loved me the hell out of those “fish” tacos too. The fake fish was battered tempeh!

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