Veggie Thing! It’s aliiiiiiive!

Picture 2

Hey Dudes!  Dudelettes! has put together a great resource for vegans and vegetarians alike – introducing VeggieThing!  A bunch of bloggers are contributing their photographs and reviews of restaurants, complete with photos, prices, and specific dishes.  Everything is organized by city, so you can scope out hometown deals or take this bad boy in the road when you’re in need of something cheap and delicious in your destination of choice.  Another great feature is the “Submit Your Own Pic” button at the bottom of the page, so the site is interactive and all-inclusive.  You scream, I scream, we all scream for Veggie Thing!

3 responses to “Veggie Thing! It’s aliiiiiiive!

  1. Woo, dictator homies!

    • coulditbeseitan

      Finally my aspirations of ruling a police state are coming true! Maybe I should change this blog to Vegan Lenin?

  2. Yes, I could pass on the “dictator” title, then again, “veggie THING” is a bit.. strange.

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