Kentucky Fried Potluck


It was a warm Sunday evening, and I had a big mess o’ buddies coming over to celebrate nothing at all.  I wanted to test out some recipes for a” super top secret” project I’m working on, and spend some quality time with good smilin’ people.  I’ll start out with what I made, and move on down the line.  The only thing missing from this potluck was some Ale-8-One!


A lovely mixed assortment of olives for the first people arriving.  Watch me wrastle with a deep fryer and delight in some salty hors d’oeuvres!


Speaking of deep frying, feast your eyes on my Kentucky Fried Seitan.  I’ve been messing around with recipes for a couple weeks, and I found my winner.  I made a batch with from-scratch seitan, but I have to say that the kind I made from powdered wheat gluten was MUCH better.  I’ll put up a tutorial on Homemade Seitan 101: What Not To Do. I made this with tofu a few days ago too – it’ good!  Do it!  Fry it!


Ah, coleslaw.  The friendly heart attack disguised in salad form.  But wait!  Veganaise to the rescue!  Have no fear of clogged arteries – vegan coleslaw keeps you safe and happy with its crunchy superpowers.


The lovely Audrey made this awesome raw kale salad that went faster than anything else on the table!  The sweet cranberries and crunchy pine nuts went really well with kale, and the dressing was tangy and citrusy.  Perfect for an outdoor/indoor potluck extraveganza!


Brie brought some garlicky roasted carrots!  This might be my new favorite way to do carrots.  There were whole roasted cloves of garlic snuggling around in there.  Enough said.


Gabe brought green beans and turnips she found at the Farmer’s Market.  Mmmm.


Let’s not even pretend this is a Red Velvet cake.  It’s supposed to be.  Looks more like a Carrot Cake, right?  This wasn’t an epic fail, but it was close to one.  I didn’t coat the pans before baking, probably didn’t use enough leavening agent, and needed more beet juice.  All things considered, it still tasted pretty good but it wasn’t my proudest moment!


We ended the night with a rousing game of Smart Ass (you should own this) which my dad slayed.  Congrats JW.  There were also Mint Juleps floating around, collards from Lindsey, and cornbread from my friend Ayla (which you can see in the first picture on the red plate).  We listened to Bluegrass music and discussed the many and varied attributes of Dolly Parton.  It was a great little funfriendjollyjoy night.


Blurry photo of how it went down.

12 responses to “Kentucky Fried Potluck

  1. wow, that looks like the ultimate night of friends, food and board games. total BLISS.

    i gotta tell you, after seeing that picture of your kentucky fried seitan, i am JONESING FOR A BITE. please tell me you are gonna publish the recipe at some point?!

    here is to you and your tasty shindig!

  2. oh MAN i’d do a lot of questionable things to eat some of that fried seitan. it looks so amazing!

  3. Why have I not heard of this board game before?! Food looks great, especially the chicken fried seitan. I never had the meaty version (gag) but your looks delish

  4. coulditbeseitan

    Girl you better believe I’m gonna publish that recipe! It might take me a while, but it’s going to be done! And spicygranola – go get that game now. It’s SO fun.

  5. Ooh, yum! I actually need to make Kentucky Fried Seitan next weekend & have been snooping around the ‘net for recipes. Yours looks awesome!

  6. Ooh ooh, I will keep the recipe under lock & key! My email is melisser AT !

  7. Everything looks so tasty. I try so hard to stay away from fried things, but I would definitely give in for what’s on your table!

  8. I love fried food, and that seitan looks delicious

  9. So we get the recipe for the delicious food porn here? Wowzer!!!

  10. Honestly I don’t get Ale-8-One… I lived in Lexington 20+ years ago and moved to the far western end of the state, and they’ve tried to introduce it here a couple of time and the folks here had the same response I had in Lexington …. this stuff is nasty.

    But hey if you like it, more for you.

  11. Was the Kentucky fried seitan recipe ever shared somewhere? That looks beyond amazing.

    • coulditbeseitan

      I’m sorry, it wasn’t yet but I have it stored away for a secret project *wink*. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to be revealed!

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