I Lost My Heart to Heart Thrive


A big delicious thanks to the folks over at The Healthy Baking Company for sending me a big box of Heart Thrives!!!  I get siked about getting anything (other than bills) in the mail – but a box full of this stuff made me jump up and down and clap my hands way longer than necessary!  I don’t normally go for “energy bars’ because they’re usually full of ingredients I can’t pronounce and sugar I don’t want to eat.  This isn’t the case with Heart Thrive – they’re made with whole grains, dried fruit, and sweetened with brown rice syrup.  You can learn more about their nutrition stats here. They come in seven flavors: Apple, Apricot, Date, Cranberry, Poppy, Raisin, and Chocolate Chip.  My favorites are the Apricot and Cranberry – the chunks of dried fruit are excellent.  I love the Chocolate Chip warmed up in the microwave with some vanilla ice cream for a really good (relatively healthy) dessert.


So I ran my first 10K yesterday morning, and my breakfast beforehand was two Cranberry Heart Thrives.  I’m proud to say I finished 9th in my age group, so it should be known that these are great pre-race fuel!  I usually get these at a local health food store – so you can probably find them somewhere near you or you can order ’em online.


10 responses to “I Lost My Heart to Heart Thrive

  1. man, the whole reason i started a blog was so i could get free stuff! so far i’ve only gotten things because my fellow bloggers have included me in on their scores. basically, i want some of these cookies!

    congrats on the 10k!

    • coulditbeseitan

      I was so surprised my ‘get free stuff’ thing worked! I figure if they get more business from my blog, it all works out! I’ve eaten most of these puppies, but if you want a pack of the Poppy flavor, I can hook a girl up.

  2. wow, that is amazing about the 10k!!! congratulations! i am really impressed…i SUCK at running!

    these heart thrives look healthy and delicious as well. i will definitely check em out.

  3. I was so stoked to see you tweet about your 10K! Congrats, girlie! xoxo The cookies are so cute. Heart shaped & healthy, what more can you ask for?

    • coulditbeseitan

      Thanks girlface!! Can’t wait for the big bake sale coming up – I’m thinking fudgey brownies with walnuts?

  4. Oh, I’ve seen these around. I’ll have to check ’em out. Congrats on the 10k! wow.

  5. Never seen these before — I suppose I must seek them out!
    Congrats on your 10k!!

  6. Thank you for the great blog post and the link to the Heart Thrive cakes.There is one coffee place in San Francisco I go to just for these Heart Thrive cakes when I visit. They are a favorite of mine. I am still searching for a recipe so I can make my own too beacuse they are hard to find.

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