Come hang out on Sunday!

Join us this Sunday for Hunt and Gather!

Hidden in the heart of Silverlake is a garden that has been transformed into a marketplace filled with one of a kind treasures for you to Hunt and Gather.

Local Silverlake peeps have come together to put their items on display. There’s gonna be music, $1 refreshments and the CUTEST KITCHEN BOUTIQUE selling HOMEMADE VEGAN BAKED TREATS and CANNED GOODS.

Other items you will find on your hunt: VINTAGE bags, shoes and clothing. ANTIQUES, HANDCRAFTED CLOTHING, RECORDS, BOOKS, HANDMADE TERRARIUMS, ORGANIC APOTHECARY PRODUCTS, ORIGINAL ART and so much more!


hunt and gather3

3 responses to “Come hang out on Sunday!

  1. Sorry I missed you guys today. I would have loved to get some muffin tops and cupcakes.

    I drove by really late and it looked like the gate was closed up. My friend lives really close to there on Lucile.

    But, when will the Bunny Bakery be back?

    • coulditbeseitan

      Oh shoot!! Yeah the gate was closed all day – it was like a secret hideaway – but I’ll let you know next time it happens!

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