Bunny Muffin Bakery at Space 15 Twenty!

What a great day!  My vegan bakery, Bunny Muffin Bakery, was invited to come sell cupcakes at Space 15 Twenty .  I want to thank Anh and Tania and everyone there for inviting me to such a rad event.  You can read more about the day on their blog! Alexi over at imboycrazy.com was the host extraordinaire and she did a great job.


As you can see from this kid’s adorable hairstyle pensive stare, the Red Vevet Cupcakes were the winners of the day and the first to sell out!  He’s standing next to the Margarita Cupcakes which I had to shoo a few kiddies away from.  I should have known better than to put rainbow sprinkles on the alcoholic cupcakes!  These were surprisingly the last to go – I think people were freaked out by the concept of tequila in a cupcake.  Really it just tasted sweet and citrusy guys!


Here’s a great shot of my brand new sandwich-board sign made by Carrick Moore Gerety!


My personal favorite cupcake was the Chocolate Peanut Butter, pictured here with ol’ Cookies n’ Cream:


Here’s a psychadelic view of the whole shebang.


There were some excellent vendors out that day, but I didn’t have too much time to browse the goods. I was sitting across from this painting and I’m not sure I can live without it in my house:

Picture 3

Also, one of my favorite artists, Kime Buzelli, was selling clothes and you can see even more pictures from the event on her blog The Moldy Doily.

Special thanks to my buddies who stopped by, especially Dawn and Joy who practically cleared me out!  How cute are they!?

Picture 4

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and took my business card!  Bring on the e-mail orders!  Let me bake your life! (Check out Bunny Muffin Bakery or e-mail me at bunnymuffinbakery@gmail.com!)

9 responses to “Bunny Muffin Bakery at Space 15 Twenty!

  1. Looks like a great time…and yummy cupcakes!

  2. Oh ! My goodness ! Your Chocolate Peanut butter cupcake looks wonderful ! As I’m very fond of peanut, I cannot resist to that recipe !

  3. what a delicious sounding event. i really hope i get a chance to try one of your cupcakes someday!

  4. Sounds like it was awesome, I wish I could have been there. I am dying for a sandwich board like that!

  5. thank you sooo much! xoxoxxxox, alexi

  6. Absolutely way too cute. That’s how much.

    I like this picture too:

  7. yayy.. you’re the the sweetest!



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