Where in the world is “Could It Be … SEITAN!?”


Here’s a quick run-down of google searches that have led people to my blog.  Just in case you forget how to get here:

“so sexual it’s like lavender in my mouth”

“cookie shit cooling rack”

“purple oompa loompa pictures”

“4 year old playing in pool”

“lots of weed”

“new york city women”

“no fraid lil soft soft”

“cars old womens drive”

6 responses to “Where in the world is “Could It Be … SEITAN!?”

  1. Man, I love Google Analytics!

  2. I’m so going to see how people came to my blog now. That was so funny!

  3. ah ah ah too much fun! once someone google “cutest turtle in the world” and got to my blog. joy!

  4. i meant to say, “once someone GOOGLED”. i need coffee.

  5. I was dying laughing when I saw the title of this blog.
    I used to work in a health food store, and would always stifle my laughter, when someone would come in/call confusedly, asking if we carried “satan.”
    I am also a big SNL fan, so I appreciate it.

    I will definitely be back to check out more posts.

  6. HILARIOUS! I just started my own Vegan blog, I don’t even know how to see what people google that would land them to me. That is pretty hilarious though!

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