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First and foremost …

It is necessary that I grace the first entry of this blog with a serious public announcement:


With that out of the way, I will now pummel you with personal information! I have an unhealthy addiction to healthy food in the best way possible. I spend a lot of time stuffing my loved ones (myself included) with delicious vegan food. While I’m down with veganism in a serious way, I have to admit that I occasionally imbibe in some not-so-vegan items. Eep! I am not a saint! Nor am I the church lady. Nor am I Dana Carvey. This is fun, so let’s continue with a list of things I am not:

+a fan of joint pain

+someone who likes romance novels

+the man from the oxy-clean infomercial

I am, however: a decent dancer, a twenty-two year old female, a california resident, a dog owner, a bike rider, a new blogger, and a terrible tennis partner.

My most secret wish is to someday run a vegan bakery, so this is my E-ode to baking, cooking, and eating. Ta-dah!